The best and most straightforward way to reach us is through our forum.

Contact information:

  • Phone: +33 3 54 95 86 53
  • e-mail: sylvain dot lefebvre at inria dot fr


Questions? Look here first.

  1. I found a bug, have a feature request, or a model that does not print well. Who should I contact?
    • Join our forum or contact sylvain . lefebvre at inria.fr or yamil - salim . perchy at inria.fr
  2. Do you provide examples?
    • Yes! IceSL comes with many examples, located in the ‘icesl-models’ folder. On a default install, this folder should be accessible by clicking FileOpen assets folder.
  3. Can I output an STL?
    • Yes. Select a mesh export in the top right ‘Service’ menu (see tooltips for details). Keep in mind though that IceSL is best used slicing directly.
  4. How about MacOS?
    • Unfortunately, and as far as we know, there is no support for OpenGL 4.3 under MacOS and this is required to build IceSL. Whenever OpenGL 4.3 becomes available we will work hard to release IceSL on MacOS! In the meanwhile, please use the web version.
  5. Could the produced G-Code break my printer?
    • Despite all the care we take to avoid it, bad things could happen. So yes, be careful, monitor the print, especially the beginning . We’ve never broken a printer, but we are extra careful.
  6. Text editor?
    • IceSL-forge includes a script editor while IceSL-slicer does not. Both however, monitor file changes to the Lua script file and updates the view whenever the script changes.
  7. Do I need a powerful computer?
    • See the system requirements in the download section.
  8. So if IceSL is free, does that mean I can do whatever I want with it?
    • See the license below.


Free for research purposes

IceSL is free for research purposes (contact us for all other cases). The full license text is here.

We kindly as you to cite our work and IceSL in your publications (e.g., paper, web page, blog, source code, etc.). If you implement features similar to those introduced in IceSL to your slicer, please also acknowledge IceSL (or the corresponding publication) as the source of inspiration. This is very important for us to get funding and/or support and continue our research.


Developers Past developers Contributors
Sylvain Lefebvre1 Frédéric Claux Jimmy Etienne
Salim Perchy2 Pierre-Alexandre Hugron
Cédric Zanni3 Haichuan Song
Pierre Bedell4 Thibault Tricard
Jean Hergel
Jérémie Dumas
Jonàs Martínez
Samuel Hornus
Noémie Vennin
Denis Salem
Charles Helbing

1. Creator, lead, coding, support, testing.
2. Coding, plugins, support, testing, documentation, localization, website.
3. Rendering and UI code, plugins.
4. Additional slicing code, print testing, printer profile management and support.


This work is supported by ERC grant ShapeForge (StG-2012-307877)

Slicecrafter is powered by Emscripten.

IceSL uses ImGUI for UI elements, Clipper for 2D geometry processing, Asio for update notifications, Eigen for some math calulations as well as TinyXML for xml parsing, NanoSVG for svg parsing and STBtruetype for ttf manipulation.

IceSL uses font Cousine-Regular by Steve Matteson under the Apache License v.2 and font Noto Sans CJK by Google Inc. under the SIL Open Font License.